Figure 1 : The chromosomes of oil palm.

From: Oil palm genome sequence reveals divergence of interfertile species in Old and New worlds

Figure 1

E. guineensis has 16 chromosome pairs, ordered by size, which correspond to 16 linkage groups identified by genetic mapping (Supplementary Table 7). Tracks displayed are: a, gene density; b, methyl-filtered read density; c, retroelement density; d, simple sequence repeats; e, low copy number repetitive elements, including telomere repeat TTTAGGG (green), 5S rRNA (orange) and pericentromeric repeats (purple); f, regional G-C content (range 0.3–0.45); g, genetically mapped scaffolds from the P5-build; and h, segmental duplications. Densities for telomere repeats are exaggerated for visual clarity.