Correction: Corrigendum: Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity

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Nature 486, 59–67 (2012); doi:10.1038/nature11148

In Table 1 and Supplementary Table 2 of this Review, under the ‘Category of service’ called ‘Regulating’, the first two ‘Measures of service provision’ related to ‘Biocontrol’ should read ‘Abundance of herbivorous pests’ instead of ‘Control of herbivorous pests’. With this word change, a downward arrow for either the predicted or actual diversity–service relationship would indicate that the abundance of herbivorous pests declines (and biocontrol increases) with increasing plant diversity. This does not alter any of our conclusions, because all diversity–service relationships were correctly described in the text of the manuscript itself. These errors have been corrected online in the HTML and PDF versions of the original Review, and in the original Supplementary Information.

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