Correction: Corrigendum: Atomic model of the type III secretion system needle

Nature 486, 276–279 (2012); 10.1038/nature11079

In this Letter, we omitted to cite ref. 1, which presents a cryo-electron-microscopic map of the Shigella flexneri needle at a resolution of 7 Å, significantly higher than for previous maps. Our Salmonella typhimurium needle model (2.1-Å backbone) fits very well into this high-resolution cryo-electron-microscopic map, and observed differences regarding the location of the amino terminus will be discussed in a future publication. In addition, we acknowledge Microsoft’s donation of Windows Azure computing resources and technical support to carry out the Rosetta calculations of the needle structure.


  1. 1

    Fujii, T. et al. Structure of a type III secretion needle at 7-Å resolution provides insights into its assembly and signaling mechanisms. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 109, 4461–4466 (2012)

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/nature11079

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Loquet, A., Sgourakis, N., Gupta, R. et al. Correction: Corrigendum: Atomic model of the type III secretion system needle. Nature 488, 684 (2012).

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