Figure 3 : Abundant taxa in the human microbiome that have been metagenomically and taxonomically well defined in the HMP population.

From: Structure, function and diversity of the healthy human microbiome

Figure 3

ac, Prevalence (intensity, colour denoting phylum/class) and abundance when present (size) of clades in the healthy microbiome. The most abundant metagenomically-identified species (a), 16S-identified genera (b) and PATRIC12 pathogens (metagenomic) (c) are shown. d, e, The population size and sequencing depths of the HMP have well defined the microbiome at all assayed body sites, as assessed by saturation of added community metabolic configurations (rarefaction of minimum Bray–Curtis beta-diversity of metagenomic enzyme class abundances to nearest neighbour, inter-quartile range over 100 samples) (d) and phylogenetic configurations (minimum 16S OTU weighted UniFrac distance to nearest neighbour) (e).