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Liu et al. reply


Replying to F.-J. Müller & A. Schuppert Nature 478, 10.1038/nature10543 (2011)

Müller and Schuppert1 describe an exception to our finding2 that roughly 80% of the nodes must be controlled to gain full control over gene regulatory networks. Yet our result hides subtleties that reveal as much about controllability as about the limits of our current understanding of biological networks.

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Figure 1: Controlling the central hub of a directed star will cause the system to get stuck in a particular subspace.


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All authors designed and did the research. Y.-Y.L. analysed the empirical data and did the analytical and numerical calculations. A.-L.B. was the lead writer of the manuscript.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Yang-Yu Liu.

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Liu, YY., Slotine, JJ. & Barabási, AL. Liu et al. reply. Nature 478, E4–E5 (2011).

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