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Legionella pneumophila SidD is a deAMPylase that modifies Rab1


Legionella pneumophila actively modulates host vesicle trafficking pathways to facilitate its intracellular replication with effectors translocated by the Dot/Icm type IV secretion system (T4SS)1. The SidM/DrrA protein functions by locking the small GTPase Rab1 into an active form by its guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) and AMPylation activity2,3,4. Here we demonstrate that the L. pneumophila protein SidD preferably deAMPylates Rab1. We found that the deAMPylation activity of SidD could suppress the toxicity of SidM to yeast and is required to release Rab1 from bacterial phagosomes efficiently. A molecular mechanism for the temporal control of Rab1 activity in different phases of L. pneumophila infection is thus established. These observations indicate that AMPylation-mediated signal transduction is a reversible process regulated by specific enzymes.

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Figure 1: Suppression of the cytotoxicity of SidM by SidD.
Figure 2: SidD is a deAMPylase that targets SidM-modified Rab1.
Figure 3: The Asp residue at position 92 or 110 is important for SidD activity.
Figure 4: SidD is required for efficient removal of Rab1 from L. pneumophila phagosome.


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We thank R. Isberg for the antibody against SidM and A. Aronson and A. Tao for critical reading of the manuscript and for discussions. This work was supported by NIH-NIAID grants R01AI069344, K02AI085403 and R21AI092043 (Z.-Q.L).

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Y.T. and Z.-Q.L. conceived the project. Y.T. performed the experiments. Y.T. and Z.-Q.L analysed the data. Z.-Q.L wrote the paper.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Zhao-Qing Luo.

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The authors declare no competing financial interests.

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The file contains Supplementary Figures 1-5 with legends and Supplementary Table 1. (PDF 1986 kb)

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Tan, Y., Luo, ZQ. Legionella pneumophila SidD is a deAMPylase that modifies Rab1. Nature 475, 506–509 (2011).

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