Nature 466, 774–778 (2010)

The samples used for histone proteomics described in this Letter were inadvertently switched, such that the U-13C-glucose and U-13C-15N-glutamine data were inverted. The plots in Fig. 2b and the spectra in Supplementary Fig. 3 have been modified to reflect this. The corrected results demonstrate that 13C-labelling of histone acetyl groups occurs only in cells grown on 13C-glucose and not on 13C-glutamine. Therefore, glucose is the primary source of the acetyl units used for both amino sugar biosynthesis and nuclear protein acetylation. Although U-13C-15N-glutamine does give rise to labelled acetyl-CoA, its localization and function remain unclear. The model presented in Fig. 4 has been modified to reflect these facts, which do not alter the paper’s main conclusions about TCA cycle architecture. The corrected Figs 2b and 4 are shown below. The authors apologize for this error.

Figure 1
figure 1

Corrected Fig. 2b shown below

Figure 2
figure 2

Corrected Fig. 4 shown below