Figure 4 : CENP-Bs recruit the SHREC subunit Clr3 to the silent mating-type locus.

From: Host genome surveillance for retrotransposons by transposon-derived proteins

Figure 4

a, ChIP–chip results of CENP-Bs at mat were overlaid with those of SHREC subunits Clr2 and Clr3 (ref. 23), showing their co-localization just outside of cenH, an RNAi-mediated heterochromatin nucleation site26. Two other SHREC-binding peaks overlap with mat silencer elements REII and REIII; the latter contains a binding site for Atf1/Pcr1, involved in Clr3 localization. IR-L and IR-R denote left and right inverted repeat boundary elements flanking the silent mat interval, respectively26. b, Clr3 recruitment at mat was impaired in abp1Δ cells. Clr3 mat distribution in abp1Δ cells determined by ChIP–chip was overlaid with that in wild-type cells. Reduced Clr3 binding at mat in abp1Δ cells and localization of CENP-Bs at mat were confirmed by conventional ChIP assays (right panels) with position-specific primers (black bars). Control corresponds to a gene (SPBC1348.13) containing little enrichment for HDACs and CENP-B proteins.