Figure 3 : Abp1 directly recruits HDACs Clr3 and Clr6 and coordinates with Hip1 to silence Tf2.

From: Host genome surveillance for retrotransposons by transposon-derived proteins

Figure 3

a, f, qPCR analyses of Tf2 expression in cells carrying single or combinational mutations of abp1 with HDACs (a), or hip1 (f) (error bars indicate s.d.; n = 6). b, g, Effects of mutations of HDACs (b) and hip1 (g) on Abp1 and Cbh1 localizations at Tf2-11 were analysed by ChIP assays. c, d, Clr3 and Clr6 interact with Abp1. The input lanes are equivalent to 0.1% (c) and 0.2% (d) of immunoprecipitation fractions. Anti-Flag input panels reflect longer film exposure than that of the immunoprecipitation. e, Clr3 and Clr6 localizations at Tf2-12 in wild-type and abp1Δ cells were analysed by ChIP assays. Control corresponds to a gene (SPBC1348.13) containing little enrichment for HDACs and CENP-B proteins.