Figure 2 : CENP-Bs silence Tf2, wtf and several LTR-associated genes.

From: Host genome surveillance for retrotransposons by transposon-derived proteins

Figure 2

a, Increased Tf2 expression in abp1Δ cells. Primers corresponding to LTRs flanking Tf2 elements (Tf2-LTR) or Tf2 coding region (Tf2-orf) were used for qPCR analysis (error bars indicate s.d.; n = 4; qPCR primers, black bar). b, c, Elevated expression of wtf (b) and brl2 (c) in abp1Δ cells (error bars indicate s.d.; n = 6). d, e, Cbh1 localization at Tf2 is dependent on Abp1 (e) but not vice versa (d). ChIP analyses of Abp1 and Cbh1 at a Tf2 element in indicated mutant strains. ChIP fold enrichments relative to act1 are shown below each lane. f, Abp1 interacts with Cbh1 and Cbh2. The input lanes are equivalent to 0.4% of the immunoprecipitation (IP) fraction. The anti-Flag input panel reflects longer film exposure than that of the immunoprecipitation.