Nature 392, 779–787 (1998).

It has been drawn to our attention (S. McIntyre and R. McKitrick) that the listing of the ‘proxy’ data set in the Supplementary Information published with this Article contained several errors. In Table 1 we provide a list of the records that were either mistakenly included in the Supplementary Information, or mistakenly left out. A small number of other corrections of the original listing include (see Table 1) corrections of the citations originally provided, or corrections of the start years for certain series.

Table 1 Errors in ‘proxy’ data set listing in ref. 1

The full, corrected listing of the data is supplied as Supplementary Information to this corrigendum. Also provided as Supplementary Information are a documented archive of the complete data (instrumental and ‘proxy’ climate series) used in our original study, and an expanded description of the methodological details of our original study.

None of these errors affect our previously published results1.