Data sharing: Make outbreak research open access

Establish principles for rapid and responsible data sharing in epidemics, urge Nathan L. Yozwiak, Stephen F. Schaffner and Pardis C. Sabeti. 25 February 2015

Economics: Support low-carbon investment

Private finance can drive the energy transformation needed to meet global emissions goals — if backed by the right policies, says Nathan Fabian. 4 March 2015

Don’t edit the human germ line

Heritable human genetic modifications pose serious risks, and the therapeutic benefits are tenuous, warn Edward Lanphier, Fyodor Urnov and colleagues. 12 March 2015

Climate change: Embed the social sciences in climate policy

David G. Victor calls for the IPCC process to be extended to include insights into controversial social and behavioural issues. 1 April 2015

Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics

Use these ten principles to guide research evaluation, urge Diana Hicks, Paul Wouters and colleagues. 22 April 2015

Policy: Rethink India's energy strategy

Address the needs of poor and rural households, target subsidies and support low-carbon industries, urge Arunabha Ghosh and Karthik Ganesan. 13 May 2015

Drugs: Regulate 'home-brew' opiates

The research community and the public require a fast, flexible response to the synthesis of morphine by engineered yeasts, urge Kenneth Oye, Tania Bubela and J. Chappell H. Lawson. 18 May 2015

Nuclear physics: Pull together for fusion

ITER director-general Bernard Bigot explains how he will strengthen leadership and management to refocus the project's aim of harnessing nuclear fusion. 9 June 2015

Ebola: Embed research in outbreak response

Testing Ebola treatments in West Africa's epidemic happened too late. Research response during future outbreaks must be more nimble, says Trudie Lang. 5 August 2015

Blind analysis: Hide results to seek the truth

More fields should, like particle physics, adopt blind analysis to thwart bias, urge Robert MacCoun and Saul Perlmutter. 7 October 2015

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