Correction: Erratum: Materials discovery at high pressures

Nature Reviews Materials 2, 17005 (2017)

References 11, 119, 170 and 177 were incorrect in this article. Reference 11 should be Mujica, A., Rubio, A., Muñoz, A. & Needs, R. J. High-pressure phases of group-IV, III–V, and II–VI compounds. Rev. Mod. Phys. 75, 863 (2003); reference 119 should be Hubert, H. et al. Icosahedral packing of B12 icosahedra in boron suboxide (B6O). Nature 391, 376–378 (1998); reference 170 should be Mao, W. L. et al. Hydrogen clusters in clathrate hydrate. Science 297, 2247–2249 (2002); and the year for reference 177 should be 2017. These have been corrected in both the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/natrevmats.2017.5

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Zhang, L., Wang, Y., Lv, J. et al. Correction: Erratum: Materials discovery at high pressures. Nat Rev Mater 2, 17013 (2017).

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