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The perilous path from publication to practice

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The authors thank Drs Monica Rosenberg, Martin Paulus and John Krystal for thoughtful comments and discussions.

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Correspondence to A M Chekroud.

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Competing interests

AMC holds equity in Spring Care Inc., a behavioral health startup. He received salary from Spring Care Inc. and Yale University. He is lead inventor on two patent submissions relating to treatment for major depressive disorder ((a) USPTO docket number Y0087.70116US00, and (b) USPTO. Provisional Appl. No. 62/491,660). He has consulted for Fortress Biotech on antidepressant drug development. NK has received paid speakerships from Otsuka/Lundbeck, and holds a patent relating to psychosis risk prediction (USPTO Appl. No. 14/910588).

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Chekroud, A., Koutsouleris, N. The perilous path from publication to practice. Mol Psychiatry 23, 24–25 (2018).

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