Table 3: Clusters showing similar and different grey-matter changes in MDD and BD

From: Common and distinct patterns of grey-matter volume alteration in major depression and bipolar disorder: evidence from voxel-based meta-analysis

Peak MNI coordinateZPVoxelsBrodmann areasRegions
 34, 30, 40−2.46<0.0011029, 46Right middle frontal gyrus
 −26, −38, −2−2.47<0.0017437Left hippocampus, parahippocampal gyrus
 42, −26, −22−2.33<0.0017220Right inferior temporal gyrus, fusiform gyrus
 −40, −52, 44−2.25<0.0013140Left inferior parietal lobule
 4, −42, −22−2.10<0.00114Right cerebellar vermis
Reductions in both MDD and BD
 52, −4, 24.97<0.00175348Right superior temporal gyrus, insula
 −42, 0, −24.69<0.00137738, 48Left insula, superior temporal gyrus
 −4, 54, 184.280.00111510, 32Left superior medial frontal gyrus, anterior cingulate cortex
 4, 48, 224.200.0015032Right anterior cingulate cortex
  1. Abbreviations: BD, bipolar disorder; MDD, major depression disorder.