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Figure 1

From: BDNF Val66Met genotype determines hippocampus-dependent behavior via sensitivity to glucocorticoid signaling

Figure 1

Fear conditioning was used as a measure of emotionally salient memory function. A significant genotype x treatment interaction was observed for contextual and tone fear memory. At baseline, hBDNFMet/Met mice had the worst task performance of all genotype groups, having significantly worse contextual fear memory than the wild-type hBDNFVal/Val controls. Following CORT, this pattern of results was reversed. For both contextual and tone fear memory, the chronic CORT treatment selectively enhanced the memory function of hBDNFMet/Met mice. The Y-maze, utilized here as a further test of hippocampus-dependent memory, revealed that a significant preference for the novel arm was absent amongst the hBDNFMet/Met genotype group at baseline. Following the chronic CORT treatment, this deficit was reinstated to levels consistent with hBDNFVal/Val controls. All data presented as mean±s.e.m.; *P<0.05, **P<0.01, and ****P<0.0001. Per group, n=22–41.

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