Table 2: Distributions of clinical and pathological features in the three groups of familial breast cancers

From: Cyclin D1 expression analysis in familial breast cancers may discriminate BRCAX from BRCA2-linked cases

 BRCA1 (n=22)BRCA2 (n=16)BRCAX (n=33)P1P2
Age at first diagnosis (years)      0.01100.6981
 Median33.5 40.5 44   
Histological types      0.02140.3265
 Special type15412  
Histological grade      <0.00010.5010
  1. P1, BRCA1 vs BRCAX tumors; P2, BRCA2 vs BRCAX tumors.
  2. aDuctal and lobular types.