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Figure 7

From: AIM2 contributes to the maintenance of intestinal integrity via Akt and protects against Salmonella mucosal infection

Figure 7

Absent in melanoma-2 (AIM2)-induced enhancement of tight junction proteins is mediated through Akt. (a) Levels of phospho-Akt in both AIM2-overexpressing Caco-2 cells and control cells were measured by western blotting. (b) Levels of phospho-Akt and Claudin3 in both AIM2-overexpressed Caco-2 cells and control cells were determined following Salmonella infection for different time points by western blotting. (c) Pretreated Caco-2 cells with Akt inhibitor (MK-2206). Claudin3 expression was examined following Salmonella infection for 120 min by western blotting.

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