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Figure 4

From: Resident and pro-inflammatory macrophages in the colon represent alternative context-dependent fates of the same Ly6Chi monocyte precursors

Figure 4

Effects of inflammation on composition of colonic myeloid cell populations. (a) CX3CR1+/gfp mice were fed 2% dextran sodium sulfate in the drinking water for 7 days to induce colitis and the absolute numbers of CD11b+ LP leukocytes per colon assessed at d4 and d6, and in resting mice. (b) Representative expression of CD11b and CX3CR1-green fluorescent protein (GFP) by live-gated CD45+ colonic cells (upper panels), expression of Ly6C and MHCII by CD11b+ CX3CR1int colonic cells (middle panels), and expression of F4/80 and CD11c among CX3CR1int Ly6C MHCII+ fraction (lower panels) in resting mice and on d4 and d6 of colitis. (c) Expression of Ly6C and CD64 by CX3CR1int CD11b+ cells in resting mice and on d4 of colitis. (d) Expression of CD11c and F4/80 by subsets P1–P5 on d4 of colitis. (e) Absolute numbers of CX3CR1-defined P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 subsets of colonic CD11b+ cells during colitis. (f) Relative proportions of P1–P5 subsets among total CX3CR1+ cells in resting mice and on d4 and d6 of colitis. *P<0.05, **P<0.01, and ***P<0.001.

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