Table 2 Recommended nomenclature for mucosa-associated immune-cell compartments

From: Terminology: nomenclature of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue

Preferred abbreviations Explanations
LP Lamina propria
  Refers usually to the connective tissue of gut mucosa, restricted to the stroma above the muscularis mucosae (thus excluding the submucosa), but can also be used in relation to other mucosae
IEL compartment Surface epithelium
  Refers usually to the epithelium of the small intestine where most intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) occur
FAE Follicle-associated epithelium
  Covers the domes of MALT structures and contains variable numbers of M cells
MALT Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue
  The principal inductive sites for mucosal immune responses, subdivided according to anatomical location as below
GALT Gut-associated lymphoid tissue
PP Peyer's patch
ILF Isolated (solitary) lymphoid follicle
  PPs and ILFs constitute the major part of GALT, but also the appendix is included although functionally less explored
NALT Nasopharynx (or nose)-associated lymphoid tissue
  In humans, NALT consists of the lymphoid tissue of Waldeyer's pharyngeal ring, including the adenoids (the unpaired nasopharyngeal tonsil) and the paired palatine tonsils. Rodents lack tonsils, but have paired NALT structures dorsally in the floor of the nasal cavity
BALT Bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue
  Not generally present in the normal lungs of adult humans
MLN Mesenteric lymph node
CLN Cervical lymph node
  Should be specified as deep or superficial
  1. More details can be found in ref. 1
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