Table 1 Recommended nomenclature for secretory immune-function moleculesa

From: Terminology: nomenclature of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue

Preferred abbreviations Explanations
SIgA (or S-IgA) Secretory IgA
SIgM (or S-IgM) Secretory IgM
pIgA Polymeric IgA
  Refers mainly to dimers but also includes larger polymers of J-chain-containing IgA
J chain Joining chain
SC Secretory component
  Exists in three forms: membrane SC; bound SC; and free SC
pIgR Polymeric Ig receptor
  The same as membrane SC
  1. pIgA, IgA dimers/polymers; pIgR, polymeric Ig receptor; SC, secretory component; SIgA, secretory immunoglobulin A; SIgM, secretory immunoglobulin M.
  2. aApproved by IUIS/WHO Subcommittee on IgA nomenclature.8
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