Phosphatase PRL2 promotes AML1-ETO-induced acute myeloid leukemia

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This work was supported, in part, by National Institutes of Health Grant CA69202 (to ZYZ), Department of Defense Grant W81XWH-13-1-0187 (to YL), a St Baldrick’s Foundation Scholar Award (to YL), an Elsa Pardee Foundation New Investigator Award (to YL), an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Grant (to YL), a Children’s Leukemia Research Association Grant (to YL), a Leukemia Research Foundation grant (to YL) and American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants (to YL and MK). This work was supported by a Project Development Team within the ICTSI NIH/NCRR Grant Number UL1TR001108. We also thank Marilyn Wales and John Spence for helping the preparation of the manuscript.

Author contributions

MK, SC, YB, ZYZ and YL: designed the research. MK, SC, YB, CY, RG, XJS, CM, TAT and ZHY: performed the research; MK and YL: analyzed the data and performed the statistical analysis. HSB, MCY, RK and JCM: provided reagents to the study. ZYZ and YL: wrote the manuscript. All authors read, commented on and approved the manuscript.

Author information

Correspondence to Z-Y Zhang or Y Liu.

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The authors declare no conflict of interest.

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