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CD47 blockade enhances therapeutic activity of TCR mimic antibodies to ultra-low density cancer epitopes

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  1. 1

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  4. 4

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  5. 5

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  6. 6

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Author contributions

MDM—experimental design, animal experiments, drafting of manuscript; JTS—experimental design, in vitro experiments, drafting of manuscript; AYC—Pr20 characterization, biochemistry and immunology, drafting of manuscript; KST—statistical design and analysis; CL—creation and manufacturing of ESK and Pr20; KCG—experimental design, analysis, drafting of manuscript; DAS—experimental design, analysis, drafting of manuscript.

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Corresponding authors

Correspondence to K C Garcia or D A Scheinberg.

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Competing interests

CL: equity in Eureka; KCG: equity in Alexo Therapeutics; DAS: consultant to Eureka. The remaining authors declare no conflict of interest.

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Mathias, M., Sockolosky, J., Chang, A. et al. CD47 blockade enhances therapeutic activity of TCR mimic antibodies to ultra-low density cancer epitopes. Leukemia 31, 2254–2257 (2017).

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