Deregulation of HOX genes by DNMT3A and MLL mutations converges on BMI1

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Special thanks are due to Dr Yuet W Kan (UCSF) for his kind support to this project. We also thank Dr Scott C Kogan (UCSF) for providing 32D cells. This work was supported by the Chinese National Key Basic Research Project (973: 2013CB966800) to S-JC and HL, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81370651 and 81570119) to HL, the Thousand Young Talents program of China to HL, the Program for Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning (2012-70) to HL, the Shu Guang project supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Education Development Foundation (14SG15) to HL and the American Society of Hematology Scholar Award to HL.

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Correspondence to S-J Chen or H Liu.

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