Erratum: Deletion of the 1p32 region is a major independent prognostic factor in young patients with myeloma: the IFM experience on 1195 patients

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Correction to: Leukemia (2014) 28, 675–679; doi:10.1038/ leu.2013.225; published online 16 August 2013

Since the publication of this article, the authors have identified an error contained within the ‘Cell sorting and FISH analysis’ subsection (Page 2), namely that RP11-100D13 has been incorrectly listed as RP11-100D3.

The correct sentence is as follows:

‘Deletions of 1p22 and 1p32 were evaluated using probes RP11-242C15 and RP11-100D13 for 1p22 and RP11-762I3 for 1p32. Hybridizations were performed according to previously published techniques.’

The error has now been rectified, and the correct article appears in this issue. The html and online pdf versions have also been rectified, and now carry the correct paper.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/leu.2013.225

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