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Mast-cell leukemia exome sequencing reveals a mutation in the IgE mast-cell receptor β chain and KIT V654A

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This research was funded by The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation (SLA and SWL) and by The Ryan Gibson Foundation (MSS). SWL is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. We gratefully acknowledge Dr W Richard McCombie for guidance with sequencing, Dr Shiroo Parshad for assistance with patient medical care, Dr Judith Brody for bone marrow interpretation, Dr Saul Teichberg for electron microscopy, Dr Piers Patten for scientific discussion, Candace Schiffer and Erin Boyle for patient sample collection and the members of the Laboratory of Experimental Immunology of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research for their assistance in cryopreserving cells. Drs Chris Vakoc, Iris Applemann and Zhen Zhao are thanked for their critical reading of the manuscript.

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Spector, M., Iossifov, I., Kritharis, A. et al. Mast-cell leukemia exome sequencing reveals a mutation in the IgE mast-cell receptor β chain and KIT V654A. Leukemia 26, 1422–1425 (2012).

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