A comparison of 7-day versus 10-day course of low-dose dexamethasone for chronically ventilated preterm infants



The objective of the study was to compare the effect of two different dexamethasone regimens on respiratory outcomes of ventilator-dependent preterm infants.

Study Design:

Retrospective study of ventilated preterm infants <29 weeks gestational age treated with either 7-day or 10-day dexamethasone course. Primary outcome was days to successful extubation. Other outcomes included rate of successful extubation and need for repeat steroid therapy.


Fifty-nine infants were identified; 32 (54%) received 7 days of dexamethasone and 27 (46%) received 10 days of dexamethasone. Both groups had comparable baseline demographics and clinical characteristics. Mean time to successful extubation was similar between the two groups (5.1±2.7 days in 7-day group and 6.0±3.7 days in 10-day group, P=0.42). Successful extubation by end of treatment (56% versus 67%, P=0.44) and need for repeat steroid therapy (47% versus 33%, P=0.43) were also similar.


7-day and 10-day course of dexamethasone have comparable efficacy in facilitating extubation of ventilator-dependent preterm infants.

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