Table 3 Predictors of MAP among multiparous womena with parity 2 after current birth (n=470)

From: Maternal serum markers, characteristics and morbidly adherent placenta in women with previa

Characteristic(s) Adjusted ORb 95% CI
1 prior cesarean delivery (CD) 4.4 1.5–13.6*
2 prior CDs 18.4 5.9–57.5*
PAPP-A95th percentilec 8.7 2.8–27.4*
MS-AFP95th percentilec 2.8 1.0–8.0**
  1. Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin; MAP, morbidly adherent placenta; MS, maternal serum; OR, odds ratio; PAPP-A, pregnany-associated plasma protein-A. *P<0.01; **P<0.05.
  2. aNo predictors for parity=1 were significant at P<0.05.
  3. bCrude findings used for adjustment where P<0.10 and include: maternal age 35, overweight and obese BMIs, gestational diabetes, number of prior CDs, PAPP-A 95th percentile, and MS-AFP 95th%ile.
  4. cBiomarker values for 5th and 95th percentile were PAPP-A: 0.38 and 2.63 MoM; hCG (1st trimester) 0.50 and 2.00 MoM; MS-AFP: 0.60 and 1.79 MoM; hCG (2nd trimester): 0.41 and 2.28 MoM; uE3 0.63 and 1.48 MoM; INH: 0.54 and 2.14 MoM.