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An analysis of attitude toward infant sleep safety and SIDS risk reduction behavior among caregivers of newborns and infants




To explore beliefs and attitude toward infant sleep safety and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk reduction behaviors among caregivers of newborns and infants.

Study Design:

A convenience sample comprised of 121 caregivers of newborns at Staten Island University Hospital completed a questionnaire.


Despite an overall favorable attitude toward safe sleep practices, a majority disagreed with use of pacifiers (53%) and believed that swaddling (62%) as well as the use of home monitors (59%) are acceptable practices. The caregivers who recalled being taught about safe sleep had higher perception of infant vulnerability (P<0.001), more confidence in their ability to implement safe sleep behaviors (P<0.0006) and stronger belief that safe sleep behaviors are effective (P<0.01).


Active caregiver education may result in more effective demonstration of safe sleep and SIDS risk reduction behaviors. Further study is needed to assess if favorable attitudes toward safe sleep practices correlate with actual demonstrated behaviors.

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We would like to thank the staff at Staten Island University Hospital for their efforts to educate caregivers and model safe sleep practices. We would also like to thank Dr Philip Roth for his guidance with reviewing this manuscript.

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