Table 2: Risk of placenta previa

From: Racial and ethnic differences in the prevalence of placenta previa

CategoryORa95% CIaORb95% CI
Native American1.510.78–2.921.880.97–3.64
Unknown race0.730.63–0.840.930.79–1.09
Prior cesarean2.181.93–2.461.731.53–1.95
Multiple gestation1.491.21–1.851.451.16–1.83
Age <200.090.05––0.41
Age 30–392.071.87–2.292.562.26–2.90
Age >403.392.93–3.915.484.62–6.52
  1. Abbreviations: OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.
  2. aUnadjusted OR.
  3. bAdjusted OR; controlled for maternal race/ethnicity, prior cesarean delivery, multiple gestation and maternal age. Multivariable logistic regression model area under receiver operator curve (c-statistic)=0.6927 and Hosmer–Lemeshow corresponding P-value=0.488.