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Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: determination of IgM, IgG and avidity in filter paper-embedded blood



To detect immunoglobulin M (IgM) anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies and determine immunoglobulin G (IgG) titer and avidity in filter paper-embedded blood (FPEB) samples of pregnant women.

Study Design:

A total of 100 FPEB samples of pregnant women (30 positive and 70 negative) were analyzed for anti-T. gondii-specific IgM antibodies. Eleven and nine pairs of serum and FPEB samples were used to standardize IgG titration and avidity, respectively. Then, the correlation of avidity results was determined with 23 serum/FPEB pairs from IgG-positive cases.


IgM detection in FPEB was 92% sensitive and 100% specific. The titration of IgG antibodies in FPEB correlated with that of serum (r 0.9). Significant difference in avidity between the acute and the undetermined/chronic cases was observed in both samples. As expected, no correlation was found between IgM levels and avidity.


The FPEB is useful to infer infection phase, and thus to speed clinical decisions in congenital toxoplasmosis management.

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This work was partially financed by CONACYT, Mexico, Grants 43079 and 69666. The English spelling and grammar was reviewed by Bachelor in English Language and Literature Alfonso Fernández-Portilla.

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  • avidity
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  • newborns
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