Table 2 Frequency of TSB levels >25 mg per 100 ml in diverse communities with varying clinical practices

From: Kernicterus in the 21st century: frequently asked questions

Regions Health practice style Years Frequency
United States (CA) Health system data;19 selective bilirubin screen by MD based on clinical observations 1994–1998 1 in 700
United States (UT) Health system data;22 universal bilirubin screen and clinician-based follow-up 2002 1 in 1522
United States (HCA) Health system data;23 universal bilirubin screen and clinician-based follow-up 2003 1 in 1878
Canada National survey data;17 selective bilirubin screen and national follow-up program 2002–2004 1 in 2840
Denmark National survey data;14 screening program and a national home follow-up. 1994–2002 1 in 4320
United States (PA) System-based; universal bilirubin screen and targeted follow-up18 1990–2003 1 in 15 000
Israel Universal screening program; clinical risk factors+selective bilirubin screening21 2001–2002 1 in 18 079
  1. Abbreviation: TSB, total serum bilirubin.