Table 1: The estimated ages of STR variation and the divergence times of the Hg C subhaplogroups

From: Global distribution of Y-chromosome haplogroup C reveals the prehistoric migration routes of African exodus and early settlement in East Asia

Subhaplogroup and sample sizeAgea of STR variationDivergence timea
C* (28)5.5±1.6
C1-M8 (20)10.0±3.541.9±16.6
C3*-M217 (386)18.9±4.032.6±14.1
C3b-P39 (41)13.2±4.114.5±5.1
C3c-M48 (13)10.8±2.39.3±3.3
C3d-M407 (23)9.3±2.712.0±4.2
C3e-P53.1 (15)4.8±2.314.4±5.1
C5-M356 (16)14.2±3.333.3±19.1
  1. Abbreviation: STR, short tandem repeat.
  2. aIn thousands of years ago (±s.e.).