Genetic variants of the human diaphorase DIA3 in Japanese: Report of a new rare allele, DIA3 4

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Sperm-lysates from 264 unrelated Japanese males were tested for the polymorphism of the human diaphorase DIA3 by isoelectric focusing in thin-layer polyacrylamide gel over pH range 3.5–9.5 gradient. The occurrence of a new rare allele, DIA3 4, in addition to the previously described three alleles in German and British populations; has been demonstrated in our population. The estimated allele frequencies of the commonly encountered phenotypes,i.e. DIA31–1, 2–1, 3–1, 2–2 and 3–2, were: DIA3 1=0.837, DIA3 2=0.143 and DIA3 3=0.020.


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