Table 5: Comparison of the current study and previous approaches to modeling infiltration and indoor PM2.5 concentrations.

From: Development of a modeling approach to estimate indoor-to-outdoor sulfur ratios and predict indoor PM2.5 and black carbon concentrations for Eastern Massachusetts households

 Current studyAllen et al.37Baster et al.27Wallace and Williams6
Study area102 homes
353 homes
7 cities across US
39 homes
37 homes
North Carolina
Infiltration proxySulfurSulfurGIS and housing charactersSulfur
Model techniqueMixed-effects modelMultivariable regressionBayesian modelMultivariable regression
Predictive power infiltration proxyCV R2=89.3%CV R2=30–60%
Predictive power on PM2.5CV R2=79.1%CV R2=0.37R2=0.74
  1. Abbreviation: CV, cross-validation.