Table 3: A correlation coefficient matrix for measured fine particle nickel at each site used in this analysis.

From: Residual oil combustion: a major source of airborne nickel in New York City

 New Jersey and Sterling ForestNew York CityConnecticut
 Trenton, NJChester, NJElizabeth NJSterling ForestBrigantine NWRCanal StIS52 (IMP)IS52 (STN)Bronx bot. gardenHunter CollegeNYU CMSNYU OutdoorsQueens CCNew Haven (STN)New Haven (IMP)Mohawk Mtn.Westport
Camden, NJ0.1840.1440.0950.375−0.0840.2730.3500.3170.3020.394N/AN/A0.4350.0620.1220.0670.389
Trenton, NJX0.3060.2670.2660.0150.3970.0860.1720.0420.315N/A0.4430.036−0.0660.0880.0270.124
Chester, NJ X0.2130.257−0.1050.2160.2150.1980.0890.120N/AN/A0.054−0.0080.0920.1080.526
Elizabeth, NJ  X0.2030.0920.3810.1960.200−0.0090.178N/AN/A−0.013−0.0230.0640.2250.152
Sterling Forest   X0.0390.3320.4000.3380.2220.1020.4550.2460.2610.0930.0890.2050.472
Brigantine NWR    X0.164N/A−0.233−0.023−0.038−0.0300.026−0.216N/A0.1490.026−0.145
Canal St     X0.4450.4850.2870.368N/AN/A0.2350.035−0.0150.0490.183
IS52, Bronx, IMP      X0.9270.849N/AN/AN/A0.6990.184N/A0.342N/A
IS52, Bronx, STN       X0.6690.223N/AN/A0.7370.1360.5110.3870.443
Bronx bot. garden        X0.1340.4470.2630.5350.1290.3160.1880.249
Hunter college         X0.4870.2840.176N/A0.0930.0280.187
NYU CMS          X0.462N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
NYU Outdoors           XN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Queens CC            X0.1040.5100.1710.283
New Haven, STN             XN/A0.212N/A
New Haven, IMP              X0.340N/A
Mohawk Mtn.               X0.553
Westport                X
  1. Bot., botanical; Mtn., mountain; NYU, The New York University; STN, Speciation Trends Network.
  2. Locations are separated into New Jersey/Sterling Forest, New York City, and Connecticut locations. N/A denotes that less than 5 observations were made at each site during the same time period. Correlation coefficients are boldface when they exceed 0.500.