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A New Antifungal Macrolide, Eushearilide, Isolated from Eupenicillium shearii


In screening for antifungal substances, a new macrolide, eushearilide (1), was isolated from Eupenicillium shearii IFM54447. The structure of 1 was established to be 24-membered macrolide having a non-conjugated diene and a choline phosphate ester moetiy on the basis of detailed investigation of NMR, UV, IR and MS spectral data. Compound 1 showed antifungal activity against various fungi and yeasts, including human pathogens Aspergillus fumigatus, Trichophyton spp. and Candida spp.


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Hosoe, T., Fukushima, K., Takizawa, K. et al. A New Antifungal Macrolide, Eushearilide, Isolated from Eupenicillium shearii. J Antibiot 59, 597–600 (2006).

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  • Eupenicillium shearii
  • eushearilide
  • macrolide
  • antifungal activity

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