Table 2: Correlations of supraclavicular and gluteal PDFF with volumes of VAT and SAT, as well as with liver PDFF (n=61), adjusted for age and sex and divided into age groups <30 years (n=31) and 30 years (n=30)

From: Association of proton density fat fraction in adipose tissue with imaging-based and anthropometric obesity markers in adults

ParameterAge groupSupraclavicular PDFF (%)Gluteal PDFF (%)
VAT volume (ml cm–1)Allr=0.76 P<0.0001r=0.59 P<0.0001
 Adjustedar=0.73 P<0.0001r=0.70 P<0.0001
 <30 yearsr=0.52 P=0.003r=0.65 P=0.0001
 30 yearsr=0.82 P<0.0001r=0.66 P=0.0001
SAT volume (ml cm–1)Allr=0.73 P<0.0001r=0.63 P<0.0001
 Adjustedar=0.69 P<0.0001r=0.60 P<0.0001
 <30 yearsr=0.57 P=0.0008r=0.54 P=0.002
 30 yearsr=0.79 P<0.0001r=0.75 P<0.0001
Liver PDFF (%)Allr=0.42 P=0.0008r=0.30 P=0.02
 Adjustedar=0.32 P=0.01r=0.29 P=0.02
 <30 yearsr=0.11 P=0.53r=0.15 P=0.42
 30 yearsr=0.47 P=0.009r=0.41 P=0.02
  1. Abbreviations: PDFF, proton density fat fraction; SAT, subcutaneous adipose tissue; VAT, visceral adipose tissue.
  2. aAdjusted for age and sex.