Table 1 Pre-treatment characteristics

From: Intervention with a caspase-1 inhibitor reduces obesity-associated hyperinsulinemia, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and hepatic fibrosis in LDLR−/−.Leiden mice

  t=0 t=9 Weeks
  Chow LFD HFD
Body weight (g) 26.3±0.3a 32.3±0.9b 39.0±1.0c
Plasma cholesterol (mM) 5.4±0.1a 16.1±2.0b 16.8±1.1b
Plasma triglycerides (mM) 1.0±0.0a 2.6±0.4b 2.6±0.2b
Blood glucose (mM) 6.5±0.1a 6.5±0.4a 8.5±0.2b
Plasma insulin (ng ml−1) 1.1±0.1a 2.2±0.4b 5.2±0.5c
  1. All data are mean±s.e.m. Means in a row with superscripts without a common letter differ significantly (P<0.05).