Table 1 Composition of the diet stratified by low-GI and high-GI intervention

From: Effect of low-glycemic-sugar-sweetened beverages on glucose metabolism and macronutrient oxidation in healthy men

  Low-GI High-GI
  Activity a Inactivity b Activity a Inactivity b
Energy intake (kJ per day) 13 769±1850a,b 12 819±1261a,b 13 729±1327a 12 830±1084b
Carbohydrates (% energy) 51±2a 55±3b 50±3a 56±2b
Fat (% energy) 31±3a,b 31±1a,b 33±2a 30±2b
Protein (% energy) 17±1a 14±1b 17±1a 14±0b
Fiber (g per day) 34±7a 32±4a 33±7a 32±3a
  1. Abbreviations: GI, glycemic index; high-GI, mixture of 75% maltodextrin and 25% sucrose; low-GI, isomaltulose; RM-ANOVA, repeated measures analysis of variance.
  2. aActivity, dietary intake averaged over 4 days where participants followed their habitual physical activity.
  3. bInactivity, dietary intake averaged over the total inactive intervention period (7 days); RM-ANOVA, means not sharing a common superscript letter are different at P<0.05.