Table 3 Energy intake during the study

From: Excessive fructose intake induces the features of metabolic syndrome in healthy adult men: role of uric acid in the hypertensive response

  Control Allopurinol P-value
Baseline energy intake
Total energy (kcal per day) 2414±101 2529±107 NS
Carbohydrate (g per day) 326±13 338±15 NS
Protein diet (g per day) 103±3 108±4 NS
Fat (g per day) 84±5 89±5 NS
Final energy intake (not including supplemental fructose)
 Total energy (kcal per day) 2242±77 2361±107 NS
 Carbohydrate (g per day) 280±12 289±15 NS
 Protein diet (g per day) 101±3 105±4 NS
 Fat (g per day) 88±3 94±5 NS
  1. Abbreviation: NS, not significant.