Table 3: Mean subjective hunger and attentional bias measures as a function of group (obese versus normal weight) and satiety condition (fed versus fasted)

From: Obese adults have visual attention bias for food cue images: evidence for altered reward system function

 ObeseNormal weight
Subjective hunger rating
Gaze direction bias
 Fed hi-cal0.6400.0980.4710.124
 Fed lo-cal0.5580.1010.4350.105
 Fasted hi-cal0.6020.1080.5740.135
 Fasted lo-cal0.5300.1370.5200.125
Gaze duration (ms)
 Fed hi-cal food481.1151.9360.3140.1
 Fasted hi-cal food480.5139.4522.1233.3
 Fed lo-cal food421.2144.4330.1117.0
 Fasted lo-cal food441.1163.2435.4203.0
 Fed hi-cal control356.9125.8370.0159.2
 Fed lo-cal control374.3129.3367.9162.8
 Fasted hi-cal control378.0170.7355.3125.6
 Fasted lo-cal control375.1128.2388.6176.1
Gaze duration bias
 Fed hi-cal0.5780.0980.4960.070
 Fed lo-cal0.5280.0960.4770.101
 Fasted hi-cal0.5700.0820.5810.101
 Fasted lo-cal0.5360.0640.5270.118
RT (ms)
 Fed hi-cal incongruent772.095.6738.4123.0
 Fed hi-cal congruent803.6108.8749.9144.4
 Fed lo-cal incongruent785.8120.6745.8121.4
 Fed lo-cal congruent772.8101.8750.5135.6
 Fasted hi-cal incongruent775.4141.7741.3120.6
 Fasted hi-cal congruent790.3149.7730.5105.8
 Fasted lo-cal incongruent763.3127.7745.0111.1
 Fasted lo-cal congruent772.3142.2733.6117.9
RT bias
 Fed hi-cal−31.659.3−11.547.1
 Fed lo-cal13.057.4−4.745.2
 Fasted hi-cal−14.954.110.853.6
 Fasted lo-cal−9.152.711.440.6
  1. Abbreviations: hi-cal, high calorie; lo-cal, low calorie; RT, reaction time.