Table 3 Estimated energy cost and energy gap of discretionary activities of youth

From: Total energy intake, adolescent discretionary behaviors and the energy gap

  Estimated energy cost a Estimated energy expended above rest b Observed change in energy intake per hour of activity Estimated energy gap c
Watching Television 81 kcal h−1 4 kcal h−1 106 kcal h−1 +102 kcal h−1
Reading/ doing homework 89 kcal h−1 12 kcal h−1 15 kcal h−1 +3 kcal h−1
Playing video and computer games 96 kcal h−1 19 kcal h−1 92 kcal h−1 +73 kcal h−1
Physical activity assuming continuous intensity of
 3.5 METs 270 kcal h−1 193 kcal h−1   +99 kcal h−1
 4.8 METs 370 kcal h−1 293 kcal h−1 292 kcal h−1 −1 kcal h−1
 6.0 METs 462 kcal h−1 385 kcal h−1   −93 kcal h−1
  1. Abbreviations: METs, metabolic equivalents; REE, resting energy expenditure.
  2. aPoint estimates for energy cost are approximated by multiplying average REE of 77 kcal h−1 by METs of activity.
  3. bPoint estimates for energy expended above rest are approximated by subtracting the average REE from the estimated energy cost.
  4. cEstimated energy gap calculated by subtracting the estimated energy expended above rest from the observed change in energy intake per hour of activity.