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Effects of penile fracture and its surgical treatment on psychosocial and sexual function


The current therapy for penile fracture is immediate surgical repair, but sexual and psychosocial effects of the repair have been poorly investigated. We aimed to assess the impact of surgical correction of penile fracture on psychosocial status, sexual function, and erectile quality. Sixty-four patients classified into two subgroups according to follow-up: 2–24 months (Group 1), and longer than 24 months (Group 2), and 28 healthy men (Control group). The mean overall follow-up period was 39.1±32.7 months. The number of sexual intercourse origin was 44 (68.8%), the mean time interval from incident-to-surgery was 13.6±9.3 h. The mean sexual relationship score decreased during first year (P=0.001), and significant recovery was observed over 12–24 months. The mean overall relationship scores and the mean self-esteem scores of the study groups decreased until the end of the 24 months (P<0.05). The mean erectile function domains remained stable in all groups (P>0.05). The mean EHS scores were lower but the difference was not significant in the study groups (P>0.05). Penile fracture repair have no detrimental effect on sexual function, but psychogenic aspect may be adversely affected. This article concludes lower complication rates can be reached with immediate surgical correction of the penile fracture whereas psychogenic recovery might prolonged.

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We thank Dr Necmettin Sahinkaya for his valuable contribution on this project and Dr Leman Tomak, for her assistance with the statistics used in this report.

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