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Preputial graft in penile curvature correction: preliminary results


Our purpose is to assess efficacy and complications of preputial skin graft for treatment of penile curvatures by grafting corporoplasty. Five congenital curvature and 14 Peyronie's disease patients were treated by grafting corporoplasty using preputial skin. Patients were evaluated by medical history and International Index of Erectile Function-5 (IIEF-5) questionnaire. After injection-induced erection, patients were evaluated by penile length measurement and color Duplex. Patients were re-evaluated 1 month later and advised to start intercourse. Patients were also evaluated during the 3rd and 12th months postoperatively, as per the original protocol. By the end of the follow-up period, 75% of patients were satisfied with straightened penises, without dilatation of the graft (ballooning) or venous leakage. Patients also exhibited a mean increase of two units in IIEF-5 score. Penile straightening and satisfaction rate were lower in the remaining 25% of patients, but no complaints of worsening erection or bulging of the graft area were reported. Preputial graft is an inexpensive procedure involving a tissue familiar to the urologist. The results of grafting corporoplasty are promising, without significant complications.

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  • penile straightening
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