Table 4 Device-observer blood pressure differences with sign or without sign in the whole validation group and in the patients divided according to whether their arm circumference was below (30 cm) or above (>30 cm) the median in the group

From: Accuracy of a single rigid conical cuff with standard-size bladder coupled to an automatic oscillometric device over a wide range of arm circumferences

  Conical cuff coupled to the BP A100 device
  All 30 cm (n=16) >30 cm (n=17) P-value
Arm circumference 32.3±5.6 27.2±2.0 37.0±3.4
SBP difference with sign (mm Hg) 0.9±6.5 1.3±5.3 0.1±4.6 NS
DBP difference with sign (mm Hg) −0.5±4.6 −1.2±3.7 −0.3±4.4 NS
SBP difference without sign (mm Hg) 4.8±4.4 4.7±4.8 4.9±4.6 NS
DBP difference without sign (mm Hg) 3.3±3.2 3.6±2.7 3.0±2.9 NS
  Cylindrical cuff coupled to the BP A100 device
  All 30 cm (n=16) >30 cm (n=17) P-value
SBP difference with sign (mm Hg) 3.8±8.5 −0.5±5.4 7.9±8.9 <0.001
DBP difference with sign (mm Hg) −0.1±5.9 −2.1±5.3 1.8±5.9 0.001
SBP difference without sign (mm Hg) 6.8±6.3 4.1±3.6 9.4±7.2 <0.001
DBP difference without sign (mm Hg) 4.8±3.4 4.6±3.3 5.0±3.5 NS
  1. Abbreviation: NS, not significant.
  2. SBP and DBP indicate systolic and diastolic blood pressure in mm Hg.