Differential Effects of Hyperosmolality on Na-K-ATPase and Vasopressin-Dependent cAMP Generation in the Medullary Thick Ascending Limb and Outer Medullary Collecting Duct


Hyperosmolality in the renal medullary interstitium is generated by the renal countercurrent multiplication system, in which the medullary thick ascending limb (MAL) and the outer medullary collecting duct (OMCD) primarily participate. Since arginine vasopressin (AVP) regulates Na-K-ATPase activity directly via protein kinase A and indirectly via hyperosmolality, we investigated the acute and chronic effects of hyperosmolality on Na-K-ATPase and AVP-dependent cAMP generation in the MAL and OMCD. Microdissected MAL and OMCD from control and dehydrated rats were used for the measurement of Na-K-ATPase activity, mRNA expression of α-1, β-1, and β-2 subunits of Na-K-ATPase, and AVP-dependent cAMP generation. Na-K-ATPase activity in the MAL from dehydrated rats, as measured in isotonic medium, was higher than that of control rats. Moreover, incubation of samples in hypertonic medium (490 mOsm/kg H2O) further increased Na-K-ATPase activity. Dehydration increased α-1, β-1, and β-2 mRNA expression in the MAL without changing that in the OMCD. Western blot analysis revealed that in the outer medulla, the expression of β-1, but not that of α-1 or β-2, was stimulated by dehydration. Incubation of MAL or OMCD in hypertonic medium increased AVP-dependent cAMP generation. Higher levels of AVP-dependent cAMP were generated in the MAL from dehydrated rats than that of controls, although incubation in hypertonic medium did not lead to additional increases in AVP-dependent cAMP accumulation. In contrast, AVP-dependent cAMP generation in the OMCD was stimulated by dehydration, and was further stimulated by incubation in hypertonic medium. These findings demonstrate that Na-K-ATPase is upregulated short- and long-term hyperosmolality in the MAL, but not in OMCD.


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