Table 2 Results from BayeScEnv revealed loci responding to each of the five environmental variables tested

From: Genetic diversity and gene flow decline with elevation in montane mayflies

  B. tricaudatus (n=665 loci) B. bicaudatus (n=1433 loci)
Mean temperature of the driest quarter 3 20 (23)
Stream gradient 3 12 (14)
Elevation 3 (5) 11 (14)
Canopy cover 0 9 (10)
Annual range in temperature 2 6 (8)
  1. The number of FST outliers associated with each environmental parameter (described in Supplementary Table S2) that were also detected with BayeScan is presented. In cases where additional outliers were detected with BayScEnv but not observed with BayeScan, the total number is in parentheses. Some loci showed correlations with more than one environmental factor.