Table 3 Adverse effects and other ocular procedures in the cohort

From: Efficacy and timing of adjunctive therapy in the anti-VEGF treatment regimen for macular oedema in retinal vein occlusion: 12-month real-world result

Ozurdex-related complications
 Raised intraocular pressure >21 mm Hg 19/46 (41%)
 Vitreous haemorrhage 2/46 (4%)
 Cataract related to injection procedure 0
 Cataract related to Ozurdex Unknown
Cataract operation and other procedures
 Cataract surgeries 12/66 (18%)
 RVO retinopathy worsened after cataract sugery 6/12 (50%)
 Laser iridotomies/trabeculoplasty 5
 Cyclodiode laser (for rubeotic glaucoma only) 3
Progression to rubeotic glaucoma 0
Endophthalmitis 0
  1. Abbreviations: Ozurdex, dexamethasone implant; RVO, retinal vein occlusion.
  2. Total number of RVO patients who received RandOL regimen=66.
  3. Total number of RandOL patients who received Ozurdex=46.