Table 2: IOP values at first and third month, and ORA parameters after 3 months

From: Effect of glucosamine on intraocular pressure: a randomized clinical trial

  TreatmentPlacebo95% CIP-valueaP-valueb
Month 1 IOP
 Significant changen (%)14 (16.7%)9 (11.3%)−5.3%16.2%  
Month 3 IOP
 Significant changen (%)28 (34.1%)10 (12.5%)8.9%34.4%0.0230.038
Month 3 IOPcc
Month 3 IOPg
Month 3 CRF
Month 3 CH
  1. Abbreviation: CI, confidence interval.
  2. aAdjusted for the baseline value, based on linear mixed model.
  3. bAdjusted for the baseline value, age, sex, DM and HTN status, based on linear mixed model.